Creating Solutions in the AV Automation Industry

If you want to enhance your everyday life, at home or at work, for entertainment or security, then Solution AV are the team for you. As experts in the AV automation industry we can put you in control. Our open source automation technology can be integrated into lighting, heating, security, the audio visual industry, and much more.

Simplify Your Workplace

With Solution AV you can make your workplace easier. Our automation technology can simplify your boardroom audio visuals and improve your video conference operations.

Communicate better and present impressively without having to go through a range of complicated processes.

Solution for workplace automation
Using touchscreen to automate process

Other Applications

Our Automation programming is great for a range of purposes. We can provide large venue automation for your corporate office, major venue, school, or even your coffee shop. Increase your productivity with greater computer networking, lecture theatre technology, digital signage and more. Our asset monitoring can create great security for your business and our mobile integration means you can take your complete control on the road with you.

Automation Programming Expertise

The team at Solution AV have been working together for almost 5 years but have more than a decade of programming experience behind them. With our expertise and experience in automation programming we are able to provide support and consultation with new or evolving integrated system designs.

laptop in boardroom

Take control with Automation!

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